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Why buy loose leaf tea online from TEANZO 1856?

You can buy tea online from TEANZO 1856 knowing that our loose leaf teas are artisan hand crafted in small batches and contain premium tea and herbs at affordable prices.  When you open a pouch of TEANZO 1856 loose leaf tea, you will see the high quality ingredients.  You will smell the amazing aroma of our teas.  On our site you will see photographs of the actual tea.  We never use tea dust or artificial flavors.  As the Co-Founders, we love our tea and drink it everyday.

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How many cups of tea can 3 ounces of tea brew?

Our 3 oz loose leaf tea pouches make approximately 20 to 30 cups of tea and our smaller sampler tea pouches make approximately 8 to 10 cups, or 10 to 12 cups of tea depending on the size of the tea or herbs. This is based on using 1 tsp of dry tea per cup brewed.  If you are making iced tea then you will need to use 2 tsps of tea for every cup brewed.  


We invite you into our exciting tea world. A world of inspiration and adventure. Although you appreciate the high quality and health benefits of our teas, you come to Teanzo 1856 for more than that. You come to us for a tea experience that transcends the ordinary into the extraordinary. We love our tea and drink it everyday. In fact our story began with our love for a great cup of tea.

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